'Transient Light'

120 x 180, oil on canvas, 2002

Current Exhibition

“A Sense of Place”

Open During Heritage Week (22nd until the 30th of August 2015)

Opening Hours 2 pm – 6 pm or by appointment
22nd – 30th August 2015

The exhibition continues until the 23rd of October 2015
31st August – 23rd October by appointment only

The O’Kane family of artists have lived at Cavanacor House for the past 40 years and in that time have used the inspiration of its history and surroundings. It is one of the oldest inhabited houses in Donegal and the house where King James II dined on the 20th April 1689. He subsequently granted protection to the house when all of the other houses in the area were destroyed. It is also the ancestral home of American President James Knox Polk.

Eamon and David O’Kane have been recognized internationally with major exhibitions in USA, Korea, Paris, Belgium and Germany.

Marianne is a leading art critic and writer for many art journals including 'Irish Arts Review' and 'Perspective' and Matthew and Catherine have gone on to careers in art, design and animation. Eddie and Joanna continue their practice in painting and sculpture at Cavanacor.

This exhibition is a culmination of the family’s experience of Cavanacor as one of the inspirations for their work, and the first time the family have come together to exhibit.